Get rid of your hazardous and expensive solvent parts washing unit and upgrade to an AaLadin Parts Washer.  Through the use of extreme heat and biodegradable detergents the 2000 Series Parts Washers can clean your parts in a fraction of the time while eliminating the need to pay for solvent disposal.

2000 SERIES                                 PARTS WASHERS

  • Dry Floor Evaporator with Power Vent disposes of 97% of the waste water
  • Belt Driven Turntable keeps the drive parts out of the dirt and grime, extending turntable life
  • Heavy Duty 10 & 12 Gauge Steel
  • Seal-less EZ-Load Door
  • 72 individual 0° Jets clean quickly and efficiently 
  • Oil Skimming Unit increases the life of the water and detergent
  • Pilot Light Indicator provides diagnostics at a glance during evaporation mode

Many Options & Accessories

Powerful & Efficient Cleaning